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Mohon maaf untuk Pemesanan sementara tidak bisa melalui formulir atau klik kontak,, silakan langsung menghubungi via SMS, EMAIL, BBM atau YM. menyediakan ratusan novel romance mulai dari harlequin, historical, fantasy, paranormal,dll dengan tampilan yang nyaman memudahkan anda memilih buku yang disuka,,ditambah lagi untuk buku-buku seri kami menampilkan dalam satu foto, tetapi anda tetap dapat membelinya secara satuan maupun set,,, Belum menemukan buku yang anda cari? segera hubungi kami :) kritik dan saran ditunggu ^^







Seseorang di Ujung Jalan (Une Personne Au Bout De La Rue )  by Yayan D

Rp 78.000 Diskon
Rp. 66.000

Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren

Rp 394.800 Diskon
Rp. 335.000

Two Wrongs Make Marriage by Christine Merrill

Rp 58.800 Diskon
Rp. 28.000

Fools Rush In (Cinta tiba-tiba) by Kristan Higgins

Rp 70.000 Diskon
Rp. 25.000

Amy And Roger’s Epic Detour (Perjalanan Panjang) by Morgan Matson

Rp 80.000 Diskon
Rp. 15.000

Miss Fortune (Memikat Sang Pria Inggris) by Julia London

Rp 65.000 Diskon
Rp. 20.000

Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

Rp 44.800 Diskon
Rp. 25.000

Simple Thinking About Blood Type 3 by Park Dong Sun

Rp 69000 Diskon
Rp. 55.000

Simple Thinking about Blood Type 2 by Park Dong Sun

Rp 65.000 Diskon
Rp. 52.000

Simple Thinking About Blood Type by Park Dong Sun

Rp 62.000 Diskon
Rp. 50.000

The Chronicles Of Audy Series by Orizuka

Rp 256.000 Diskon
Rp. 205.000

Annoying Boy Series by Inesia Pratiwi

Rp 167.000 Diskon
Rp. 133.600

Marry my CEO by Fanie Depurple

Rp 69.800 Diskon
Rp. 59.000

changed by Rashifa Killa

Rp 99.000 Diskon
Rp. 84.000

bad girl vs ketua osis by intanzs

Rp 73.000 Diskon
Rp. 58.400


Rp 79.500 Diskon
Rp. 63.600


Rp 73.500 Diskon
Rp. 58.800

How to stay single by Christian Simamora

Rp 89.000 Diskon
Rp. 76.000

Summer Wedding Series by Scarlet Wilson, Jillian Gilmore

Rp 90.000 Diskon
Rp. 76.000

Autumn Kiss by Christina Juzwar

62.000 Diskon
Rp. 53.000

Jackson Hole Series by Victoria Dahl

146.000 Diskon
Rp. 124.000

After Dark (Kala malam Tiba) by Gena Showalter & Keit Bellenger

65.000 Diskon
Rp. 55.000

WALLFLOWER SERIES! cetak ulang cover baru by Lisa Kleypas

Rp 283.000 Diskon
Rp. 242.000

When the Duke Was Wicked by Lorraine Heath

Rp 64.800 Diskon
Rp. 55.000

Love and Other Scandals by Caroline Linden

Rp 74.800 Diskon
Rp. 63.500


Rp 99.000 Diskon
Rp. 84.000

RAYHAN & ANGELA  by Matchamallow

Rp 75.000 Diskon
Rp. 64.000

Creed Cowboy Series by Linda Lael Miller

Rp 174.600 Diskon
Rp. 148.000

SCANDAL Series by Delilah Marvelle

Rp 219.400 Diskon
Rp. 187.000

Sinful In Satin by Madeline Hunter

Rp 79.800 Diskon
Rp. 68.000

The cabot Sisters Series by Julia London`

Rp 137.000 Diskon
Rp. 117.000

Whiskey Creek Series by Brenda Novak

Rp 604.000 Diskon
Rp. 514.000

Bridal Pleasure Series by Jillian Hunter

Rp 197.400 Diskon
Rp. 168.000
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