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Dont Cry (Jangan Teteskan Air Mata) by Beverly Barton

Rp 68.000 Diskon
Rp. 54.000

Dead by Midnight (Pengakuan Dosa Sang Aktris) by Beverly Barton

Rp 65.000 Diskon
Rp. 25.000

Dead by Morning (Pesan Kematian) by Beverly Barton

Rp 59.900 Diskon
Rp. 25.000

Killing Her Softly by Beverly Barton

69.900 Diskon
Rp. 56.000

The Murder Game by Beverly Barton

Rp 59.900 Diskon
Rp. 48.000

Dead by Trilogy by Beverly Barton

Rp 199.900 Diskon
Rp. 75.000

Every Move She Makes (Cinta Berselimut Dendam) by Beverly Barton

Rp 49.900 Diskon
Rp. 40.000

What She Doesnt Know (Pengkhianatan Di Belle Rose) by Beverly Barton

Rp 49.900 Diskon
Rp. 25.000

Most Likely To Die by Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton & Wendy Corsi Staub

Rp 69.900 Diskon
Rp. 25.000

The Last To Die (Dendam Cinta Masa Lalu) by Bverly Barton

Rp 49.900 Diskon
Rp. 25.000

After Dark (Hati Yang Beku) by Beverly Barton

Rp 49.900 Diskon
Rp. 40.000

Griffin Powell series by Beverly Barton

Rp 369.400 Diskon
Rp. 292.000

Cherokee Point series (The Fifth Victim, The Last To Die, As Good As Dead) by Beverly Barton

Rp 149.700 Diskon
Rp. 105.000
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Sullivans Series #1 : The Look of Love (Cinta di Kebun Anggur) by Bella Andre

Rp 55.000 Diskon
Rp. 45.000

A Whole New Light (Ketika Cinta Menyeruak) by Sandra Brown

Rp 42.000 Diskon
Rp. 36.000

Fools Rush In (Cinta tiba-tiba) by Kristan Higgins

Rp 70.000 Diskon
Rp. 60.000

Koboi Pencuri hati (How A Cowboy Stole Her Heart) by Donna Alward

Rp 39.000 Diskon
Rp. 33.000

Perangkap Pernikahan (Bride, Bought And Paid For) by Helen Bianchin

Rp 39.000 Diskon
Rp. 33.000

Mystery Date by Crystal Green

Rp 58.800 Diskon
Rp. 50.000

Every Breath You Take (Pulau Takdir) by Judith McNaught

Rp 75.000 Diskon
Rp. 60.000

Making The Surgeon Smile by Lynne Marshall

Rp 53.800 Diskon
Rp. 46.000

Playboy’s Tale by Jenny Thalia Faurine

Rp 63.800 Diskon
Rp. 54.000

Ciuman Itu (It Started with a Kiss) by Miranda Dickinson

Rp 78.000 Diskon
Rp. 66.000

Dangerous (Cinta Yang Berbahaya) by Diana Palmer

Rp 55.000 Diskon
Rp. 47.000

Hot Shot by Jo Leigh

Rp 49.800 Diskon
Rp. 42.000

Hadiah Terindah (The Playboy’s Gift) by Teresa Carpenter

Rp 39.000 Diskon
Rp. 33.000

Sang Pangeran Padang Pasir (Her Desert Prince) by Rebecca Winters

Rp 39.000 Diskon
Rp. 33.000

Spindle Cove Series by Tessa Dare

Rp 141.600 Diskon
Rp. 120.000

Wild Thing Series by Robin Kaye

Rp 124.600 Diskon
Rp. 106.000

All The Right Moves by Jo Leigh

Rp 54.800 Diskon
Rp. 47.000

Scoundrels Series by Loretta Chase

Rp 203.400 Diskon
Rp. 173.000

McKettrick’s Series by Linda Lael Miller

Rp 174.400 Diskon
Rp. 148.000

The Legend of the Four Soldiers Series by Elizabeth Hoyt

Rp 188.000 Diskon
Rp. 160.000

Love At Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks

Rp 125.000 Diskon
Rp. 100.000

Rogues and Roses Series by Lorraine Heath

Rp 115.000 Diskon
Rp. 50.000

Dragonswan (Legenda Sang Naga) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Rp 32.500 Diskon
Rp. 20.000

American Lady Series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Rp 392.800 Diskon
Rp. 179.000

Cynster Series by Stephanie Laurens

Rp 195.000 Diskon
Rp. 75.000

TERBARU!! Risk no secret! Black Ops Series by Cindy Gerard

Rp 236.000 Diskon
Rp. 200.000

The Bliss Bakery Trilogy by Kathryn Littlewood

Rp 157.000 Diskon
Rp. 133.000

TERBARU!! NAKED EARL!! Naked Nobility Series by Sally MacKenzie

Rp 345.300 Diskon
Rp. 296.000

Friday Harbor Series by Lisa Kleypas

Rp 232.300 Diskon
Rp. 120.000

Travis series (Sugar Daddy, Blue-eyed Devil, Smooth Talking Stranger) by Lisa Kleypas

Rp 170.000 Diskon
Rp. 137.000

Ciuman Untuk Sang Pengantin (Kiss The Bride) by Patricia Cabot

Rp 55.000 Diskon
Rp. 47.000

Annie and the Prince by Elizabeth Harbison

Eks Koleksi Pribadi Diskon
Rp. 25.000

Love Is Hell (Cinta Memang Neraka) by Pengarang Campuran

Rp 48.000 Diskon
Rp. 40.000

Pelajaran Cinta Untuk Harvard (Harvard`s Education) by Suzanne Brockman

Rp 35.000 Diskon
Rp. 30.000

Love Above All by Agnes Jessica

Rp 65.000 Diskon
Rp. 55.000

All I Need Is You (Kaulah Segalanya)by Johanna Lindsey

Rp 55.000 Diskon
Rp. 22.000
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